KATY, Texas -- A showdown looms at the ballot box over a proposed football stadium in Katy.

The school district said needs another stadium to keep up with growth, but critics argue it's unnecessary and too expensive.

Seven Katy High Schools share one stadium for their home football games, so voters are being asked to pass a bond to build a new stadium right next door.

It spends too much money to build too much, grossly in excess of what the need is, said Katy resident George Scott.

The District wants to build a 14,000-seat stadium that costs $69 million plus a new agricultural complex and a science and technology center. The total cost of the bond is $99 million.

Scott doesn't question the need for a stadium, he questions the cost.

The problem is not a $69 million problem, Scott said. It's a $30 million problem .

John Eberlan, also a longtime resident, was on the design committee for the new stadium.

It is a large number, yes it is a large number, but I believe that what we got is the debt can be handled by the revenue that's coming into the district, Eberlan said.

Eberlan said a second stadium would eliminate the need for Thursday night games.

Despite the cost of the new stadium, Katy resident Jane Rone said she would vote for the bond.

Yes because we need another stadium, not just for football but for band competition and performances, Rone said.

On Election Day, the bond will be decided by voters.

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