SEALY, Texas A 90-year-old Houston man jumped out of a perfectly good plane Tuesday to celebrate his birthday.

Dr. C. Jackson Grayson said he was determined to prove you can do anything in life no matter your age. He called it his Freedom to Dream, Courage to Act flight.

More than 80 relatives and friends gathered at the Gloster Aerodrome in Sealy to watch Grayson skydive with the Westside Skydivers from Houston.

Grayson credits his health and mental strength to his attitude and doing what he loves each day.

He still goes to his office daily as founder and chairman of APQC, the American Productivity & Quality Center.

Grayson was a co-founder of The Houstonian complex.

The businessman predicts he will live until 113 and plans to skydive every five years.

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