DEER PARK, Texas -- A Deer Park cheerleader s dream came true. The freshman with Down syndrome got to join her squad on the sidelines one week after being told she couldn t because she was a liability.

Brittany Davila made her mark back on the field on Thursday.

The 16-year-old s story made national headlines. Brittany was told cheer in the stands at a recent volleyball game over what the district later called a misunderstanding.

School officials met with Brittany s mother, and the issue has since been resolved.

The honorary cheerleader knows many of the cheers and only steps away from the squad when it s time for stunts.

It really is amazing. I m so proud of Brittany because she s done all the things we ve asked her to do and more, said Sara Washington, captain of the Deer Park freshman cheerleading squad.

Brittany s family believes this isn t just a story about one girl with Down syndrome.

I think there will be more kids coming out and trying out, said grandmother Jyeneece Robbins. She s doing it. She s proving she can do it if you just give her a chance. I can hardly keep myself from crying.

Brittany has also been chosen as a class representative for homecoming and will be crowned on Friday.

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