HOUSTON - Office workers concerned about the amount of time they spend sitting down hunched over a computer have a new option: a $4,000 smart desk.

The Stir Kinetic Desk was developed by one of the guys who developed the Apple iPod.

JP Labrosse and his team of engineers at Stir, Inc. have developed a desk that changes from a standing position to a sitting position on its own, encouraging workers to get off their butts.

The desk has different modes, and settings that can be adjusted by the user using the built-in touch screen. In active mode the desk will learn your movements and prompt you when it s time to change positions.

Stir, Inc. says they surveyed users of adjustable desks, and many said they d be more likely to actively use them if the desk changed positions automatically.

The Stir Kinetic Desk will likely ship in early 2014. It will come in four colors: kelly green, crimson, ultramarine and charcoal. Get out your checkbook.

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