HOUSTON -- We have a great follow-up story on a teenager from China who came to MD Anderson Cancer Center last year with, basically, a death sentence.

Her story still demonstrates What s Right in Houston.

When we first met Anni Wan she was battling a rare form of soft tissue cancer. Doctors in her native China had given her three months to live. But Anni s mom Ling Ling worked at a Chinese TV station, and an American friend who worked there became determined to get Anni to Houston. The trio didn t have the necessary documents or money, however.

We had to get a passport for Anni, said Michael Blair. We had to get a visa for Anni, and we had to come up with about $100,000 in two weeks, and somehow all that happened for us in communist China.

A Chinese benefactor put up the money (plus more) so uninsured Anni could be treated. Here in Houston, a non-profit group provided an apartment while someone else provided a car, and Anni began a rough process.

Because her cancer was localized in a very critical part of her head, she couldn t get surgery, said Dr. Winston Huh.

The only option was intense chemotherapy and radiation. And it worked. Anni went into remission.

I feel better, more than last time, said Anni.

I firmly believe she s been healed, said Ling Ling Xu.

Anni is 17 now, and her hair has grown back. She enrolled at The Woodlands College Park High School, which was a risky move.

She spoke some English, but she wasn t really conversant at it.

But Anni has thrived. In fact, she just earned an academic letterman s jacket, and recently she applied for the honor society.

She understands the price of life, said Karen Erwin, a math teacher. I mean really that s what she gets now. It s beautiful.

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