HOUSTON A small business owner says he s lost his livelihood after burglars used an ax to smash their way into his two businesses.

The damage outside is extensive. You can see where the suspects first cut power to the cell phone store and then went next door hammering holes into walls to steal.

Syed Esan taped his police report to his chest so everyone could see it. He says he doesn t know how he ll be able to afford to keep his businesses open.

It is very hard now. It is again happened. I don t know how we can survive that now, he said.

He said robbers killed his phone card business years ago, stealing everything, so his son opened a wireless warehouse and Western Union store on Bissonnet for him.

Then thieves struck again.

I cannot do business. My whole thing is gone, he said. You can see the camera ... how they break-in. I show you how they break-in. How they came in, what they did.

The cameras show three men walk-up behind the store around 2:30. It s hard to see on the video, but a man swings an ax cutting power and Asan s alarm.

Then, two others hammered holes into the walls of a party hall and salon next door. Once inside the salon, the men busted through a wall.

Asan s cameras caught three men casually walking around, stealing $90,000 worth of phones and $73,000 cash, he said.

Since the thieves wore gloves and left few clues, the video is best clue police have to solve the crime.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

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