HOUSTON Clemmie Watson struggled with his nerves while looking out on his grandsons as they played ball across the street from a restaurant where a customer lost his life.

Should I go there or should I stop going there, pondered Watson. Everything goes through my mind every day.

He said he wonders why two teenagers would allegedly holdup a sandwich shop and commit murder.

Authorities said Xavier Jones was the person who actually pulled the trigger at the Subway restaurant in the 6400 block of MLK last week, shooting and killing 36-year-old Christopher McGrew while trying to take his money and cell phone.

Employees hiding in the back of the store would later discover the body of the man known by locals, as the guy who rode a bike and sold discount CDs.

His alleged accomplice was Dante Talbert.

KHOU 11 News has learned that at the time of the holdup, Talbert was already being sought for two armed robberies that occurred less than a week apart in the month of July.

Both suspects are 17-years-old. In fact, Jones actually turned 17 on the day of the deadly holdup.

It s uncalled for, added Watson, who said senseless violence had gotten out of control.

It s wherever we go. We could go to church or the grocery store. It s the same way every day.

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