ST. LOUIS An NFL free agent caught heat on social media after posting a Tweet that could be interpreted as slighting the military.

The incident started after someone named Morgan Reed under the Twitter handle @_Morganism_ - tweeted Hard to believe that a player in a helmet defendin a football makes more money than a soldier in a helmet defendin his country.

Offensive tacke TyNsekhe (@TY_Nsekhe)then responded, It doesn t take much skill to kill someone.

That triggered a Twitter firestorm.

The epitome of ignorance, tweeted actor Daniel Bostic.

The reason you have the freedom & capitalist system that allows you to make $ is directly because of their skill & sacrifice! wrote musician Chris Loesch, who later demanded an apology.

Nsekhe, a second-year player out of Texas State, deleted the original tweet and offered an apology.

I recognize the sacrifices these members make so that all American s can enjoy the freedoms our soldiers have afforded us, he tweeted. In no way were my comments meant to demean the members of our armed forces.

Nsekhe, a former St. Louis Ram, is now a free agent.

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