HOUSTON A youth leader at the YMCA is accused of brutalizing a young boy who wanted him to play with him, according to Houston police.

Robert Jackson, 24, was charged with felony injury to a child.

A witness told investigators that on July 18, a group of kids were gathered in the multipurpose room for morning activities at the facility located in the 1200 block of W 34th Street.

The witness, who also worked at the facility, saw a 5-year-old boy asking everyone to play with him. When the child went over to Jackson, the youth leader said he did not want to play. She then saw the child fall to the ground.

The witness said she did not know exactly how the child fell, but what she saw after that shocked her. The witness told investigators that Jackson kicked the little boy once on the side of his stomach, causing him to roll over, according to court documents.

The witness grabbed the little boy immediately and took him to a desk. She raised his shirt and saw a red bruise.

Investigators questioned the boy, who told them what happened that day. The little boy said he was playing with Jackson when he tripped over his foot. That is when Jackson allegedly kicked him at least five times and stomped on him twice. He said Jackson did this because he was mad and did not want to play with him anymore.

Medical records show the little boy sustained a small red scab on the chin, red discoloration just under the right jaw line, two oval-shaped red discolorations on the right abdomen and discoloration on the left forearm. He also sustained dark brown bruising on the left bicep and an area of diffuse pink discoloration over the scapula.

Because of the findings, investigators moved forward with pressing charges.

Jackson was jailed and his bond was set at $5,000.

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