THE WOODLANDS, Texas The pictures on the new Sony 4K Ultra High-Def TVs are reported to be four times sharper than traditional HD TVs.

Kristen Layton, with the Magnolia Design Center inside The Woodlands store, is familiar with these TVs that have been dubbed the next big TV trend..

It is the only company right now that has their own 4K server and that can take native 4K content, so it's shot in 4K, played back in 4K and displayed in 4K, Layton said.

The TVs are curved better viewing angles -- and one of the slimmest TVs on the market. The only downside is that you can t mount the TVs on the wall.

The Panasonic ZT 60 Plasma TV has been pegged as the best TV to watch football on. It has a touch pen.

So if you are watching the game, and you want to show a play, you can physically write on the screen, Layton said.

There are a variety of TVs available that range in price from $3,300 to $25,000.

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