HOUSTON The country has a new Miss America, and her name is Nina Davuluri, the first Indian-American to hold the title.

However, shortly after Davuluri was crowned, many people began tweeting racist comments about her.

One comment posted read: Miss America right now or Miss Qaeda?

Another person tweeted: Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11.

Davuluri was born in New York and has plans to attend medical school. Her first day on the job, Davuluri addressed the backlash saying she will rise above it.

Many folks in Sugar Land, which has the highest concentration of Asians in Texas, called the online backlash unfair.

I think they are ignorant for saying those things, Allyn Eder, Sugar Land resident, said.

Ankita Mehta is also Indian-American, who grew up in Houston and has held several local and national pageant titles, including Miss Teen Cities of America.

Mehta believes Davuluri won based on her merits, and not because of her ethnicity.

She exemplifies what this country about, said Mehta. It is opportunities and taking advantage of opportunities that are available to any of us.

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