HOUSTON A 25-year-old man finally surrendered Tuesday after holding SWAT officers at bay for hours following a robbery in northwest Houston, police said.

David James Simmons was arrested and taken into custody around 10 a.m.

Houston police said it all began when Simmons robbed a man around 5 a.m. That man flagged down an Aldine ISD police officer and pointed Simmons out.

Simmons then pointed a gun at the officer, grabbed two women, then held them hostage inside an apartment in the 5300 block of West Gulf Bank. HPD and SWAT was then called to the scene.

Simmons let one of the women go after about 30 minutes, then the other woman managed to escape a while later. Still, he remained barricaded inside the apartment several more hours until negotiators convinced him to surrender.

Witnesses said as he came out, he was rambling about God and the Bible.

He was quoting scripture, saying he was God, right before they put him in the car, he say Now, I m 666, said Derrick Jones.

Officers were more concerned about Simmons and his gun.

He pointed a gun at the Aldine police officer and throughout the exchange as he was barricaded in the apartment, he pointed the weapon at officers several times, said Victor Senties, Houston Police Department.

Simmons is facing possible charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping and assault of an officer.

Neighbors were uncertain if he was on some type of drug or suffering from a mental issue.

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