HOUSTON One suspect in connection with the deadly robbery at a west Houston restaurant was arrested Friday, according to KHOU 11 News sources.

Sources tell KHOU 11 News the suspect was arrested by detectives with the Houston Police Department from the Cleme Manor Apartments located in the 5300 block of Coke Street.

Witnesses said there were more than 40 officers, including SWAT team members, on the scene Friday morning.

They came out here, kicking somebody's door in and talking about they looking for these boys that robbed the Denny's, Clifford Brian, a witness to the arrest, said. The police were saying it. We are looking for two guys that did something at Denny's. They had their apartment number.

The suspect helped investigators identify two other suspects connected to the armed robbery, which took place on Aug. 26 at a Denny s restaurant along Interstate 10 near Washington Avenue.

The two other suspects are being questioned, but no charges have been filed.

One customer was killed and an employee was injured during the robbery, which happened at 10:30 p.m.

At the time of the robbery, police said three male suspects wearing masks and bandanas went into the restaurant and ordered all customers and employees to the ground.

A family member of one of the victims said the men took purses and cell phones, and even pointed their guns at small children. The men also stole money from the customers and the cash register.

Witnesses said the robbers became angry and started shooting before they left the scene. The bullets struck a customer and an employee who was trying to escape out the front door.

Family members identify the customer as 64-year-old Robert Placette, who later died at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Witnesses said Placette was standing in front of terrified children to protect them when he was shot in the chest.

The robbers escaped in a minivan, believed to be stolen.

Police spent several hours looking over the scene and the evidence, which included bullet holes in some of the cars parked outside.

Police said the men wore masks, but the crime and the getaway vehicle may have been captured on video by surveillance cameras.

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