HOUSTON We re less than two weeks away from Apple s big unveiling of the latest iPhone, and with the new phone could come a new deal.

The website MacRumors (among many others) reports the iPhone 4, the 4S, and the current 5 will all have some kind of used value at the Apple Store. For the first time ever, the company will let users trade-in their old phones for the newest iPhone, when it comes out.

It s similar to trade-in deals offered by wireless carriers, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers.

It s said secret testing and training has been going on at Apple Stores across the country, including some in Dallas.

The details of the trade-in program and the new iPhone will likely be announced Sept. 10. It s rumored Apple will unveil the iPhone 5C -- a cheaper phone with colorful options. The new phone should come out about 10 days after the announcement.

So what happens to your old iPhone when you trade it in? Make sure you reset its settings and erase the data. Apple will likely refurbish these phones and send them off for resale in developing markets.

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