SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio Zoo celebrated their second Okapi Conservation Day to raise money for the Okapi Wildlife Reserve headquarters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The event included a raffle, games and informative sessions.

The okapi was formerly known as the African unicorn as it does not travel with others and lives in a densely forested area, according to the San Antonio Zoo. People had spoke of its existence, but it was not formally discovered until 1901.

It is the only known living relative to the giraffe. There are only 10,000 okapi left in the world, making it a threatened animal, Zoo officials said.

The reserve in Africa was attacked by elephant poachers in June 2012, killing all 14 okapi and six people.The San Antonio Zoo raised money to give directly to the reserve.

The zoo gained three okapi in the early 2000s. The two males are a grandfather and grandson pair while the female is not related.

The zoo hopes to be able to mate the younger male and female animals. The grandfather okapi is the second oldest male in captivity at 28-years-old.

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