HOUSTON A woman recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest believes the security guards who shot her took things way too far.

There was three of them and one of me, said Alan Johnson from her hospital bed at Ben Taub Hospital.

Johnson s family members invited KHOU 11 News into her room to tell her side of the story for the very first time.

The incident occurred at the Hartford Park Apartments in southwest Houston around 1 a.m. on Saturday.

Johnson said she had just dropped off her sister and was sitting in her car talking on the phone. That s when three security guards carrying flashlights knocked on her window.

And they walked up to my car and they're like yelling -- get out the car and do this and that, Johnson said.

She said the next thing she heard was the sound of the driver side window shattering. That s when she knew she had been shot.

So I was just like, okay, I'm shot, Johnson said. So I climbed out the window and I let the guards know I'm shot.

No one was arrested or charged. Police are still sorting out the details. The guards claimed they saw a bag of marijuana on the car's dashboard, and that when they ordered Johnson to exit the vehicle she tried to drive off.

Police said the guard who opened fire did so only after Johnson reached into a bag and pulled out what looked like a weapon. It turned out it was just a cell phone.

Johnson didn't deny possessing marijuana at the time. She admitted she may have become belligerent with the security guards who confronted her, but she believes none of that justifies the gunfire that nearly took her life.

It was wrong. They didn't have to shoot at my window, Johnson said.

Officials at State Tactical Security refused to comment, but a local activist is calling for criminal charges in the case.

Many of these security officers are not very well trained and yet they're given weapons and allowed to use deadly force, said Quanell X.

Although Johnson survived her ordeal, she fears she may never be the same.

I want justice, Johnson said.

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