LEAGUE CITY, Texas -- A League City couple doesn t really care that someone stole their car. They re more worried that the thief might toss the precious memories that are inside.

Tiffany Morrow realized her car was gone on Monday around noon.

The 2013 Honda Fit Sport was stolen from her gated apartment complex located at 2800 East League City Parkway.

Honestly, at first I thought my husband was playing a joke on me, Morrow said.

Morrow quickly realized that it was no joke.

Her car was missing, and so was everything inside of it. Morrow wants the thief to know how much heartbreak he has added to her life.

I know they think it s just junk, and it s going to be no monetary value to them. That s what hurts the most, Morrow said.

Morrow and her husband are grieving the loss of a premature baby girl who didn t survive.

Abby Lynn only lived for a few precious minutes after being born at just five months. Her parents have been doing everything they can to keep her memory alive.

Morrow hung up a rosary from Abby s christening and other mementos on her rear-view mirror.

I have those little pieces for me to have every day when I go to work. It s my own little comfort. It s my own little piece of her to carry with all the time. Now it s gone, Morrow said.

Father Justin Morrow also had his watch inside the car. The words Abby s Dad are inscribed on the back of it.

I m thinking they just don t care about other people. They don t that some things can t be replaced, Justin said. I just want our baby s stuff back.

The Morrows are hoping that the thief will realize what he s done and have a heart.

Just give her back to me at least. Honestly, you can keep the car. Just bring her things back to me. That s what I want, Morrow said.

League City Police were investigating the auto theft. The car s license plate is CDR-0068.

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