HOUSTON -- A woman is facing felony charges after pepper spraying two teenagers she said keyed her car at their apartment complex in northwest Harris County.

Joshua Eberlen, 14, said they never touched her car.

We tried telling her we never went to her car, Eberlen said.

Lauren Deberry believes otherwise. She said she overheard them admit to keying her vehicle, and that was not the first incident.

She previously complained about Eberlen and his friends to the apartment's management.

They're loud and mischievous, Deberry said.

She believes the kids retaliated after she reported them to management.

Profanity words were keyed on the side of her car. Deberry's 7-year-old son confronted the teens.

He shouted did you scratch my mom's car, Deberry said.

The teens approached her son and Deberry pulled out her pepper spray and ran after the teens.

I did what I had to do, Deberry said.

Eberlen's father feels Deberry was way out of line.

Deberry now faces felony charges of injury to a child, and she stands behind what she did.

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