STAFFORD, Texas -- Two newborns provided quite the drama for their Houston area mothers. The mothers had one plan but the babies had another.

First-time mom Alex Biggs was in the hospital Monday. Her sister-in-law and three-time mom Ivy Syon was helping out.

The plan was she would help me through labor, Biggs said.

Syon was 38 weeks pregnant and her water broke. It was very embarrassing like the TV shows, Syon said.

About three hours later, Syon delivered baby Chloe. Alex was still pushing.

I didn't get mad at her, but I just, I was like really, Biggs said.

My sister beat us, said Clarence Biggs, Alex s husband and Syon s brother.

Finally Jada arrived to join Chloe.

The sisters-in-law saw each other again later that day.

I didn't want to rub it in, Syon said.

We're a very close family already, said four-time father Corey Syon.

Clarence agreed.

Just makes it that much more special, that much more meaningful, Clarence said.

It s a special bond, started at birth and held perhaps for life with yet another fringe benefit.

Cheaper birthday parties. We split the cost, Corey said. We're very excited about that.

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