HOUSTON - Watch out, Google Glass. One company says it s developing a little competition for you, and its price tag is a lot smaller.

Just like Google Glass, Glass Up is a pair of funky looking eyeglasses that display text messages, e-mails, directions, etc. right in front of your face as you walk around.

You can watch the full demo video here:

The wearable computer links up to your smartphone, and you can even customize it to show Facebook messages, Tweets, and much more.

Google Glass costs $1,500, but Glass Up costs $400. So what is the cheaper option missing? It doesn t have a color display, and the $299 version doesn't have a camera. But for many people, just having the augmented reality with needed information is enough to make it very cool.

The company that s developing Glass Up says they hope to have it out in early 2014. It s raising money right now online, and you can invest/make your pre-order right now.

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