HOUSTON -- If you re the kind of person who always has to have the latest gadgets, a new offering from AT&T could be for you.

The company this week unveiled AT&T Next a program that lets you upgrade your smartphone or tablet once a year without a downpayment or activation charge.

Usually you wait every two years to upgrade, and you still have to pay about $200 plus tax, so this sounds pretty good right?

Along with your regular phone bill, you agree to pay a little extra every month for the phone itself. Essentially, you pay for the phone over time anywhere from $15 to $50 a month, AT&T says. The monthly cost depends on the phone you choose.

T-Mobile recently launched a similar plan called Jump. A company executive says AT&T customers aren t getting a good deal because they aren t getting a discount on their monthly phone bill. Apparently T-Mobile customers pay less because the company doesn t include the extra subsidized phone charges on the monthly plan for its Jump customers.

AT&T says it s still a good deal, especially if you want a new phone every year, and there s no fine print or hidden fees to worry about.

Verizon customers, don't worry, there are rumors out there the company is already working on an annual upgrade plan of its own.

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