HOUSTON -- Bea Garcia came home after a week-long vacation in Hawaii to a peculiar sight.

The bed was ajar and I thought that was weird, Garcia said.

She walked outside her home to investigate and found one of the trees in her front yard toppled over and then she saw damage to her home.

Someone had driven into the corner of her house.

You can see the bricks are pushed in, Garcia said. The problem is the bricks are so old, they are going to be really hard to find to match.

Garcia doesn t know when it happened.

She asked her neighbors, but she said none of them witnessed anything and many of them were also out of town.

I couldn't tell you if this happened during the daytime or the nighttime, Garcia said.

Car parts were left behind -- police took a headlight that was wedged between the brick and the window.

But other than some small pieces of metal and a single dollar bill, not much else was left at the scene.

Garcia said nothing like this has happened to her before, but says West 43rd street where her home sits is a high-traffic road, with speeding drivers.

Garcia posted pictures of the accident on the Oak Forest HOA Facebook page, but so far, no one has any information.

Investigators said they don t have any leads, and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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