TEXAS CITY, Texas -- At Carver Park in Texas City, what was supposed to be a joyous occasion ended in heartache.

It was a family reunion and the family was all here.

Lashonda Jackson and her daughter, Journey, returned to the park to pay their respects to a young girl they had never even met.

It s sad. Everybody was looking for the baby. We were walking around this whole thing looking for the baby. Calling her name and everything, Jackson said.

Her name was Kaloni Carbin. The 2-year-old was visiting from Beaumont. One minute she was playing with other children at the reunion. The next she was gone.

Family members prayed as search crews combed the area, but shortly after midnight, their worst fears were confirmed.

Family members were completely and utterly grief stricken upon learning the toddler s body had been discovered by divers submerged near the bank.

It s sad. It could have been my baby, Jackson said. I feel sorry for her family, I m praying for her family. I couldn t even sleep last night, because I thought about the baby.

With the makeshift memorial continuing to grow, it s clear she s not alone.

It could have been her, said Joe Butler, pointing to his own daughter. That s the only thing I can think. It could have been her.

Now a grieving family is left to grapple with the loss, as well as the fact that it didn t have to happen.

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