HOUSTON A man is accused of going after his daughter s ex-husband and his brother before taking his own life in northwest Harris County.

It happened around 8:30 p.m. Thursday in front of a house located on Red Cliff near West Road.

The man walked over to the house and shot the two brothers, then walked back to his house where he pulled the trigger and killed himself, investigators said.

Ana Garcia said she was shocked after she saw her two brothers get shot during their 4th of July celebration.

That man kept putting his finger in my brother s face. So my brother smacked his hand, she said.

Garcia said the man walked over and shot her siblings, Ricardo Garcia, 25, and Roberto Garcia, 26.

The accused shooter was Roberto Garcia s former father-in-law.

He pulled out his gun, I told Rick to watch out, he pointed it here, shot him, said Ray Salazar, the victims brother. He was chasing the other one around the tree.

Deputies said the shooter then ran back across the street to his house and shot himself in the head.

Relatives said there had been an ongoing family feud with Roberto Garcia s ex-wife who is now grieving the death of her father.

My brother has two babies with her, and she hasn t let me, or my brother, see the kids for almost two years now, Ana Garcia said.

The brothers were both in comas after getting shot several times each.

I can t sleep, I m scared, even though he did what he did, still didn t want anything to happen, Salazar said.

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