SANANTONIO -- Ruben Garcia is trying to figure out whysomeone would kill, gut and hang his pet cat in his neighbor's backyard.

Garcia had no idea where the cat had gone. The neighbor was out of town.

The neighbor's relative dropped by and made the discovery over the weekend.

He got the flashlight immediately and came back to my door and told me, 'Ruben you have to come with me ... I think it's your cat and you're going to be stunned by what you see,' Garcia added.
It was his beloved cat Prince. A jump rope was used to hang the animal roughly 10 feet in the air.

Deputies were called and a case has been opened. No arrests have been made.

Someone told deputies they had seen a silhouette of a man running away from the backyard around the same time the incident happened.

Garcia has since buried Prince in his backyard.

I hope they rot ... I hope they rot just the way my cat rotted, Garcia said.

This isn't the first reported incident in the neighborhood. Neighbors tell KENS 5 a dog was apparently poisoned to death two weeks earlier.

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