HOUSTON - Crooks used a pickup truck and sledgehammers to carry out yet another ATM smash-and-grab at a convenience store in northeast Houston early Wednesday.

The latest ATM burglary, the sixth one this week in northeast Houston, was reported around 2 a.m. on Eastland Street near St. Louis Street.

Police said surveillance video shows three suspects backing a pickup truck through the front of the store. They then used sledgehammers to clear away debris and gain access to the ATM, which was bolted to the floor. They tied the ATM to the truck and ripped it away from the ground.

The crooks made a clean getaway with the machine full of cash.

The store s owner told KHOU 11 News nothing else was taken, but between the missing ATM and the damage done, his business is hurting.

It s not only the ATM, you know, said the owner, who goes by the name Johnny. I m a family man. Still asleep at midnight, get a call to come out here, and everything is broken. If you know the person, or you know the truck, or you know whoever tried to do it, call the cops.

At a similar scene on Tuesday, the Houston Police Department said these types of crimes are being pulled off by a large ring of burglars.

Detectives said anyone with information can call Houston Crime Stoppers anonymously at 713-222-TIPS.

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