GALVESTON Carnival Triumph is back in Galveston for the first time since February.

You might recall accounts of the nightmare cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. An engine room fire left thousands of passengers stranded on the ship without electricity or working toilets.

Triumph is now scheduled to be back at sea.

Its four-day cruise, which is scheduled to set sail on Thursday, is completely sold out. The five-day cruise scheduled to take off on Monday is also booked solid.

Business owners and residents in Galveston watched in awe on Monday morning as the ship pulled back to port.

I d love to be on the first cruise! It s in the best shape it s every going to be in, said Galveston resident Joe Concienne.

Triumph s hiatus has been a blow to Galveston s economy. As it repaired its reputation and its ship, Carnival had cancelled 14 other sailings on the Triumph.

Port Officials estimated a loss of $700,000 in revenue.

Many businesses owners along The Strand were pleased by Triumph s return.

It brings tourists. It brings business. When they re in, we re busier. It helps out everybody, said Dixie Clary with Crow s Southwest Cantina.

Triumph was originally supposed to be back in Galveston 10 days ago. However, back in April, a strong storm caused it to break free from its repair dock in Mobile, AL. That incident damaged the ship even more.

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