HOUSTON Police are rounding up suspects in a burglar at Dollar General in northeast Houston. Investigators said the group could be involved in series of similar crimes in the area.

They re stealing lawn mowers, petty stuff, said Frank Johnson, a neighbor.

Near Homestead and Little York Road, neighbors are tired of cleaning up after burglars.

I m just glad we recovered some of the merchandise, said Rosie Neva, who manages the Dollar General. We ve been hit five times already.

This time, it happened to Dollar General around 2 a.m. Investigators said five people were involved. They threw a giant stone through the front door. K9 s quickly caught two teens with stolen clothes and DVDs.

Just last week, a similar group broke in with a smaller stone. Those burglars then used the stone to crack open the cigarette case and steal cartons of cigarettes. It all makes police and manager Rosie Neva wonder.

If they re the ones for the fifth time that have been coming in, Neva said.

Frank Johnson said burglars stole his mother s lawn mower.

It s black-on-black crime and it s getting old, Johnson said. I didn t retaliate because my mom (has to) stay here.

Some people told us they believe the suspects live in the area. Off-camera, a neighbor explained why.

The guy that used to stay there got five TV s taken away from him and that s the people (that live) across the street, said the woman who did not want to be identified.

It s not a bad area, Johnson said. People do dumb stuff. Instead of getting a job and going to work for it, they want to break-in and try to get easy, quick money.

It is a headache for victims like Neva. However, at this point, detectives said it is too soon to connect those busted to other crimes. It is under investigation. Neighbors just hope it is under control.

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