HOUSTON Harris County Sheriff s deputies are searching for the suspect who shot a man dead in the street following an altercation late Sunday.

Deputies said the 23-year-old victim was walking on Ella at Barren Springs around 11 p.m. when he was approached by two other men. The men all began arguing when one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire, shooting the man who was alone.

A friend of the victim, who is a food vendor, saw him just before the shooting occurred.

I was up here selling barbeque sandwiches, Michael Farmer said. I was trying to get him to buy barbeque sandwich from me. When I asked what s going on with you, he was like, Cool you know what I m saying.

Farmer the shooting happened so fast.

All I heard was some gunshots. Basically, that s what we all heard because it happened so fast. It happened so fast, real fast, Farmer said.

Several motorists also witnessed the shooting, including a father who was with his young children at the time.

These other gentlemen pulled up, all of the people started calling 911. I pulled over to the side to attempt to render aid, but at that point, I couldn t do anything so we just made another phone call for an ambulance to come.

By the time help arrived, it was too late for the victim. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

One of the suspects sped off in a black Ford Explorer, while the other fled on foot.

The best lead is coming from surveillance video caught by a Stop-N-Save convenience store nearby. The video shows a couple blurry figures cross the street. That s where two men got into it with the victim.

It s hard to tell when shots were fired, but moments later, the video shows bystanders react.

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