HOUSTON - Working out at a traditional gym can be difficult for people in wheelchairs. However, a local man not only created a place for them to work out, he created a competition to push them to their limit.

Crossfit, the new fitness craze, is not for the faint of heart. And neither is Crossfit Redefined -- sprints through the parking lot, pull-ups and tire flips.

And, as if it wasn t tough enough -- wounded veterans and disabled athletes on Saturday competed against each other and themselves, striving for their personal best.

KHOU 11 News caught up with Fred Lee as he caught his breath.

A victim of crime, Lee was shot in the back of the neck in 2005. He s been in a wheelchair ever since.

I m a competitor, ex-football player so next year I ll know what to do, I ll be trained better, but overall I feel like I done good for somebody who has never done it before, Lee said.

Dan Cowart, who was injured during a tour in Iraq, said training for this competition has changed his life.

Physically, I feel I lot better. Mentally... everything has improved, Cowart said.

A competition geared to athletes bound by wheelchairs was the brain child of Angel Gonzalez.

It gives us, an athlete with a disability, something to look forward to, Gonzalez, co-owner of Crossfit Redefined, said.

Just last year, Gonzalez competed in the Warrior Dash in Splendora, a more than three mile, cross-country obstacle course.

Quite a feat given a spinal infection left him paralyzed when he was 23 years old.

And because of him, participants like Carlos Terrazas have something to look forward to.

Tougher than I thought, but it was good, a good challenge, Terrazas said.

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