HOUSTON -- A senior citizen who was ambushed in her garage and pistol whipped repeatedly is speaking out. Peggy Wood says she doesn t want to see anyone else go through what she endured.

It was around 4:45 p.m. on Monday when she pulled into garage. Wood, who is in her 70 s, just got back to her west Houston home from a nearby HEB grocery store.

Immediately after she opened her car door, she was face to face with a gun.

I turn my heard and there he was. I didn t see them enter. I didn t see where they came from, said Peggy Wood.

Wood believes two men might have followed her home from HEB.

She expected that living in the gated Riverview Place community would offer her some sense of security. However, Wood says she is typically very aware of what s going on around her.

If I had seen a car come around behind me, I go and circle this cul-de-sac and drive around a ways to see where they re really going, she explained.

Wood says she froze up when she saw the gun to her face. She says the gunman demanded her purse, but she didn t respond.

He told his friend to go around and get my purse and wham, wham, wham, he hit me, said Wood.

The gunman s accomplice opened Wood s passenger door and snatched her purse.

The pair of criminals soon ran off, and Wood didn t see if they got into a car.

I thank the lord that he didn t kill me. He could have, said Wood.

Wood was rushed to a nearby hospital after the attack. She received eight stitches on the left side of her forehead and has visible welts to her face and head.

Doctors expect she will make a full recovery.

The vicious attack has sent shockwaves through a community where many senior citizens live.

I know one thing, I leave my gate unlocked when I leave to walk the dog. I won t do that anymore, said Maggie Oglesbee, a neighbor who also resides in the Riverview community.

Neighbors are questioning how the criminals could ve been so brutal to a senior citizen. Wood seems to have figured it out.

Because they re mean and greedy. They have a black heart, added Wood.

The crooks tried to use Wood s credit cards hours after the robbery, but were unsuccessful.

If you know anything more about this attack, you re asked to contact Houston police.

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