HOUSTON -- The Houston Police Department s Major Offenders Division arrested a man on Friday putting an end to a four-month long investigation into an alleged organized crime ring.

Police arrested 42-year-old Quan Nguyen at his apartment in the 3100 block of Hayes Street.

Only KHOU 11 News cameras were there when police brought Nguyen out in handcuffs and put him in the police car.

Investigators say Nguyen is the leader of an organized crime group that allegedly stole hundreds of cell phones and other phone equipment.

Some of the phones were recovered along with a large amount of cash.

Over the course of their investigation, detectives learned there were at least eight other people involved in the crime ring; most of them employees at cell phone stores.

Demetria Thomas-Guidry and Jonathan Jerard Williams were arrested inside this AT&T store off the Katy Freeway and Sawyer.

They were wearing their work shirts when they were taken to jail.

These two employees and others are accused of knowingly selling iPhones to people who had stolen or fraudulent identities.

All of it allegedly organized by Nguyen who would pay them for their services.

AT&T would then bill the buyers, but never received payments. The phones were then allegedly sold to buyers overseas.

Police say this organized crime ring operated inside stores all over north and northwest Harris County, including two on FM1960.

Nguyen s roommate was also arrested. Police say he had outstanding warrants and believe he may also be involved in the phone fraud.

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