HOUSTON-- Police say a woman managed to steal hundreds of phones and conned her way into living in at least 30 apartments rent free and now they are trying to figure out more about her past.

Investigators said they stumbled upon Sabrina Elkins during a phone theft investigation.

Elkins walks into stores and walks out with dozens of phones, often using names of people in prison, investigators said.

She obtained 81 iPhones, a total cost of $80,000, which she obtained and goes around and sells them on the streets, which actually causes more crime for us to deal with in the Houston area, the undercover officer said.

He said most of the phones were sold on sites like eBay.

In her apartment we actually found more iPhones, that she hadn t gotten rid off, that belonged to Verizon, he said.

Investigators said Sabrina Elkins moved to Texas about three years ago and since that time she has lived in more than 30 apartment complexes using her fictitious names. They said she signs long leases and when apartment managers come down on her for the rent she just moves somewhere else.

In every single address she used all kinds of fictitious information, he said.

Police also said she was driving a car that was stolen from AVIS.

We re basically trying to build a timeline of every place she has been, and uncover all the possible victims that we can, the investigator said.

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