SAN ANTONIO -- An arrest document describes how comfortable a 36-year-old woman was with a freelance photographybusiness associate. She was sorelaxed San Antonio police say she would bring her teenagedaughters to his house. Investigators say that calm turned to shock when the woman found out her business associate had schemed to get nude photos of her.

Kevin Esparza, 52, was arrested for improper photography. He is expected to be free on a $15,000 bond.

According to an arrest warrant, Esparza gave the victim a FM/AM compact discplayer to play music as she showered at his home in the 100 block of Sharon on April 9. The warrant says she had been at his home since April 5 without her 16 and 14-year-old daughters. The two are not romantically involved investigators said.

Police say she was having trouble getting the speakers to work when a SD card fell out the speakers. The arrest document said thewoman found out the speakers were really a spy cam. To her horror, the SD cardhad recorded images of thevictim nude in the shower and using the restroom police said. The victimviewed the images on her laptop.

Investigators say the woman called police from a hotel in the 100 block ofN.E. Loop 410 to report the crime Tuesdayevening.

Public informationOfficer Matthew Porter saysdetectives were executing a searchwarrant atEsparza's home to see if there are more victims.

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