SPRING, Texas-- A mother is upset after her 6-year-old son was found wandering blocks from his school.

The child said he was kicked out of class by a substitute teacher and forced to walk home.

Anybody could have had him! The school didn t even know he was gone. How do you not know a 6-year-old is gone, Latoyla Houston said.

She said she woke up from an afternoon nap to find her 6-year-old son and a complete stranger standing at her front door.

She was surprised since her little boy was supposed to be in class at Roth Elementary.

But Devin Houston says his teacher gave him specific instructions.

I told her my heart was hurting, Devin said. She said, go home and walk. Just go and walk to home.

Devin grabbed his stuff and walked out of the classroom and off campus.

He had traveled a few blocks when he saw Viviene Forbes-Thomas outside her home.

Forbes-Thomas said the boy approached her, crying, and explained what had just happened.

I said, how could a teacher send you home and not call your mom? Forbes-Thomas said.

Forbes-Thomas said the boy didn t know his phone number, but knew how to get home.

So they got into her car and he showed her the way.

I told her left, right, left right, and then right, said Devin.

Latoyla Houston was hysterical when she found out what happened.

She drove down to the school and confronted her son s first grade teacher.

When I confronted her, she stood there blank face, no remorse, no tears, I have no excuse, I have no idea what to say, said Latoyla Houston.

Klein Independent School District officials interviewed the teacher and believe she never told Devin to leave class.

When it was discovered the boy was missing, administrators began actively searching for him, around the time he turned up at home.

A spokesperson said the teacher who is substituting for another teacher on maternity leave did not follow protocol, but wouldn t go into further detail.

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