KATY, Texas Police in Katy are still trying to figure out who pulled the trigger Sunday in anapparent murder-suicide involving a baby girl.

The crime took place in an upstairs unit at the Pineview Terrace Apartments. Police say the body of the 11-month-old baby was found in a spare bedroom.

Her parents were found in the master bedroom. The 26-year-old father was already dead. The 31-year-oldmother was rushed to an area hospital with a gunshot wound. She was last reported in very critical condition.

Neighbors speculated that the man shot the baby and woman before turning the gun on himself. But Katy police said Monday they're still not sure which adult pulled the trigger.

Some neighbors said the man and woman were often overheard arguing and that police had been called to their home before. Still most of them never imagined it could escalate to something so extreme.

What could an infant do to deserve this fate? asked Kevin Caldwell, himself a parent of a small child. There s no bad in this world that could happen to a person for them to do something like that.

Frank Barron, a grandfather of 13, strongly agreed.

Why would someone do that? he questioned. A baby is a baby.

Police have not released the names of the victims.

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