HARRIS COUNTY -- A Houston-area family is suing T.G.I. Friday s after their 17-year-old daughter was raped by an employee at a restaurant in Webster.

It happened on May 20, 2011 at the T.G.I. Friday s located in the 19400 block of the Gulf, according to court documents.

The lawsuit claims a then 17-year-old high school senior was raped at the T.G.I. Friday s at an after-hours work party held by the general manager and other employees. The suit alleges the staffers had previously been partying at a topless bar and had gone to the restaurant to continue drinking after 2 a.m.

Attorneys representing the teen said she went to the restaurant to use a phone so she could call her mom or a friend for a ride.

The suit claims one of those employees was sex offender and loaned the girl his cell phone. He then lured the girl into the men's restroom and sexually assaulted her.

Court documents show the girl had called a guy friend just before the attack began. The phone call was connected throughout the entire assault and the friend heard her yelling for the assailant to stop. The friend called her parents who then called police.

The suspect confessed to raping the girl and pled guilty to felony sexual assault on July 13, 2012 in Harris County Court. That was his second sexual offense conviction and his third criminal conviction, according to court documents. He is now serving a prison sentence for the May 20 attack.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages from T.G.I. Friday s.

A T.G.I. Friday s spokesperson released the following statement on Thursday.

We re currently reviewing the allegations contained in the lawsuit and are unable to discuss elements of the filing during this process.

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