DALLAS William Shatner took on a new enterprise in Dallas on Saturday morning.

The original Captain Kirk, who just celebrated his 82nd birthday, is the celebrity face of the newest Texas Lottery game: The Star Trek Scratch-Off.

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Shatner appeared at the Dallas Convention Center to unveil the new $3-per-play cards.

The Canadian actor commended the state's system of sending lottery proceeds to public education.

Those few dollars added to a few others go to a great purpose, Shatner said. So you might win a lot of money... but if you don't, you've put a little money into a bank account, which is the children of Texas.

Since Shatner was here, organizers of the promotion decided to try to set a new Guinness record for the number of people dressed as Star Trek characters at one event. The Dallas attempt fell far short of the existing record 1,063 which was set last year in London.

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