PASADENA Pasadena police arrested a suspect Wednesday in the kidnapping and beating of a Pasadena mother of three.

Police made the arrest after they connected him to another disturbing crime involving a cremated woman s ashes.

The attack happened Thursday around 7 p.m. on Queens Lane near Allen Genoa.

A 50-year-old mother had walked to a Conoco gas station to buy cigarettes.

As she was leaving the store, a stranger walked up to her and reportedly knocked her glasses off her face. Family members said that prevented her from really seeing what was happening.

Police said the man abducted the woman and forced her into an abandoned warehouse across the street. He proceeded to cut her throat, stab her and beat her.

I wouldn t wish this upon my worst enemy, said the victim's daughter. If it could happen to my mom, it could happen to anybody.

The alleged culprit was caught on the gas station s surveillance camera just moments before the vicious attack.

Crime Stoppers put out a still photograph on Tuesday in hopes of drumming up tips.

In my mind, I feel like this may not have been his first time, and it may not be his last, explained the victim s daughter.

She said his mother was left for dead inside the abandoned warehouse.

Police said she was a fighter and managed to stop the predator from raping her.

She thought she was dead. She said she had been trying to get out for a long time, but it was so dark, said the victim s daughter.

The woman s family got a phone call on Friday saying that their loved one was still alive. Her daughter said was able to escape just as the sun was rising.

I couldn t believe it, said her daughter. I started questioning myself, how someone could be that way, especially to a woman.

The 50-year-old woman is now recovering from a fractured jaw, a broken eye socket and severe wounds to the neck and head.

The suspect has a criminal history, including charges of murder and sexual abuse of a child. He has been charged with burglary, but police expected more charges to be filed later.

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