HOUSTON A Spring Branch ISD teacher has been fired for allegedly having sex with a student and hosting pot parties for teens.

Kathanna Culp, 28, was arrested earlier this month.

She was fired from Northbrook High School in December after she confessed to her principal that a former student was blackmailing her, according to Spring Branch ISD Police Chief Chuck Brawner.

Culp told police the teen was angry when she ended their 7-month relationship and he demanded money in exchange for keeping quiet.

SBISD began an investigation and interviewed the former student, who is now 19. He told investigators that he and Culp had a sexual relationship his senior year that lasted from March 2012 until November 2012, after he graduated.

He said they had sex several times, mostly at her home.

The former student told police he lived with Culp on-and-off during that period and she even drove him to school.

He said Culp invited other students, including some who were only 14, to her home and gave them pot and alcohol. Brawner said those students backed up his story.

The teen said Culp took him on trips and he showed police cell phone photos to prove it. The photos included the pair in compromising positions, including naked pictures of Culp, Brawner said.

Brawner said SBISD police also investigated Facebook and Twitter messages and phone calls between Culp and the student, which corroborated his story.

The former student s grandmother said she had no idea they were involved in a relationship.

He no told me nothing... the grandmother said. He s a good kid, he s no problem, no nothing, good student.

Culp became a full-time teacher at Northbrook in the fall of 2012.

I never thought she would do something like that, Northbrook student Alexis McPeck said.

This kind of outrageous, illegal conduct will never be tolerated in this school district, SBISD Superintendent of Schools Duncan Klussmann said. We will always aggressively investigate any allegation of impropriety by any teacher or any other employee, and we will take the strongest possible action against such employees when these allegations are proven true.

Culp also has a law degree and worked as a child advocate with the ACLU, according to SBISD.

We sent her a text message. Her attorney replied and said they would have no comment until they have their day in court.

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