TEXAS CITY, Texas A 21-year-old man caved in under the pressure and started singing like a bird when he, not only confessed to more than a dozen burglaries, but turned in the people who helped him commit them, according to Texas City police.

When Galveston County Sheriff s deputies arrested Jon Michael Miranda on a burglary charge, they leaned on him to find out what else he had been up to. It wasn t long before Miranda started talking, and allegedly confessed to burglarizing at least 16 homes and businesses in Texas City.

Authorities in Texas City were contacted and police recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen property.

He then told them he had help and gave up the identities of his two accomplices.

One of the accomplices, 25-year-old Marlessa Renice Saldana, was charged with aggravated robbery and her bond was set at $80,000.

Miranda was also charged with aggravated robbery and his bond was set at $180,000.

The identity of the third person has not been released yet.

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