HOUSTON A southwest Houston strip club that was raided bypolice early Wednesday was back in business Thursday, and using Twitter to mock the cops.

The raid at Club Fetish, located in the 3000 block of Richmond at Fairdale, netted at least a dozen arrests after undercover officers learned naked women were dancing for money, and food and alcohol were being sold, all without proper licensing.

Fetish did not have a liquor license, a sexually-oriented business permit, nor an occupancy permit. They also did not have a permit to cook and sell food, but were selling hot dishes from the kitchen.

Fire marshals allegedly found numerous safety hazards, including bad wiring and overloaded extension cords. The back door was bolted shut, which made the place a possible fire trap, according to HFD.

KHOU 11 News reporter Jeff McShan got exclusive video footage of the raid in action and took photos of the inside of the club. The club was littered with guns and drugs, which were allegedly tossed when cops moved in, and the women s dressing area had a mixture of trash, high heels and clothes across the floor.


Photos: Club raid reveals, guns, drugs, filth


More shockingly, the kitchen was found to be in a horrible condition. A filthy griddle, a fryer filled with what appeared to be old, burnt grease and dirty pots and pans were everywhere.

The club dismissed it all as a form of harassment. While the strippers were being hauled off to jail to face prostitution charges, a club representative said the raid was in retaliation to a complaint filed against HPD.

To address the filthy conditions found in the club, they used social media.

Throwing a virtual punch via Twitter, @ClubFetishHouston advertised they would be open for business the following night and made fun of the entire incident.


The tweets did not stop there, @ClubFetishHouston continued bragging about their media attention while taking shots at competing strip clubs.

Everytime we get raided it s a movie! They raid Onxy dreams legends and nobody care! They raid the #1 club it s big news! Thank you! -- @ClubFetishHouston.

In following tweets, the club boasted that they would remain in operation in the upcoming months, hyping up their free ladies night and scheduled celebrity appearances. They also bragged about their chicken wings and gave an excuse about their messy kitchen.

Tonight celebrity guest! We back at it! Won t have to worry about nothing for atleast 8 months! Ladies free tonight enjoy -- @ClubFetishHouston.

These are the best wings in town!!! They caught a dirty grill that couldn t be clean while cooking ! Turn up fetish tonight ! Ladies free -- @ClubFetishHouston

The #1 club in Houston can t be stop by a raid it help us turn up more! 4 models in town tonight to turn up! NBA players and Roxy afterparty -- @ClubFetishHouston

Fetish was packed for their $5 Tuesday special the night they were raided and, since the fun was cut short, the club offered ladies an incentive to return the next night. Dancers usually pay the club a door fee to work.

Ladies free all night! If you came last night half off today! Door girl will remember u -- @ClubFetishHouston

Once things got under way, Fetish bragged about their big turnout.

Tonight will be epic!!!! Turn up over 50 dancers tonight -- @ClubFetishHouston

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