HARRIS COUNTY Harris County Sheriff s deputies shot and killed an armed suspect late Saturday night after he and four other men robbed a store in north Harris County.

HCSO said that at about 9:45 p.m. five men went into the Family Dollar in the 13700 block of Kuykendahl Road near Ella and held up the store at gun point.

As the men were getting into a white Ford 350 Crew Cab truck, deputies pulled up to the scene. The suspects took off and headed south on Kuykendahl with the deputies in pursuit.

The suspects made several turns and then headed north on Kuykendahl, before entering the Pecan Forest subdivision, deputies said.

Then the suspects fled on Bycreek Drive where they crashed through a barrier on Waycreek Drive and entered a gully of Cypress Creek, deputies said.

The suspects attempted to hide in the brush line, but deputies formed a perimeter and brought in K-9 units to help with the search. One of the K-9 handlers and another deputy located one of the suspects, who began to climb a fence as he attempted to escape, deputies said.

They ordered him to stop, but he refused and then pointed a gun at them. The deputies opened fire and wounded the suspect.

The suspect died at the scene, and three other suspects were taken into custody with incident. One of the suspects escaped, but the Sheriff s Office said they are confident that they will locate him.

No other injuries were reported.

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