HOUSTON -- Houston police are looking for those responsible for a smash and grab that all started when someone drove a truck into a store.

Police say the suspects were after the ATM at the convenience store in the 8900 block of Howard. They succeed in a matter of seconds, and the crime was caught on camera.

A construction crew spent most of Friday cleaning up the bad guys mess.

Now days, times are tough and people are trying to get money the easy way -- without working for it, said construction worker Howard Sanchez.

Surveillance video shows three masked men ramming a green Chevy truck into the On the Go Mart in southeast Houston, After several attempts, the truck finally crashed through.

It took all three men to get the ATM into the truck.

Officials said the thieves got away with $3,000 in the ATM and caused about $20,000 in damages to the building.

As Houston police continue searching for the suspects, they ask that anyone with information on this incident to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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