HOUSTON Stealing packages off doorsteps is a growing crime trend in the Houston area and the latest incident was caught on camera in The Heights.

Inside the stolen packages were presents for a child s birthday. The family, who lives in the house in The Heights, installed a simple surveillance camera, right on the front window.

So we know, we can just monitor what s happening at our front door - for benign reasons - like checking to see if a delivery has been made, Carrie Noxon said.

Noxon said their camera did confirm that two packages were delivered on Thursday, but video also shows at 4:30 p.m. someone opening their gate and running up and grabbing the packages.

If you see it in slow motion you can see that he is wearing a Heights T-shirt, Noxon said.

Apparently the suspect was not too pleased with what he found in the boxes. Some neighbors saw one of the toys in the middle of the street.

The Noxons have posted their video on a neighborhood website and on Facebook.

The Heights is really involved and there are a few places people can check to look for that kind of thing to see if they can be on the lookout, Noxon said.

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