HOUSTON Investigators released new information Tuesday morning that linked two fatal shootings from late last year.

After some running some test, investigators found that two men, who did not know each other, were shot and killed using the same .40-caliber handgun.

Now the victims families have come together to ask for the public s help in tracking down whoever committed these crimes.

Tuesday was the first time the Knight and Martinez families have ever met both are dealing with loss, both with tragedy.

It turned our lives upside down, Norma Martinez, the victim s wife, said. He was the love of my life and now he is gone.

John Martinez, 45, was shot and robbed by three suspects outside his home in October, witnesses said.

A month after Martinez was killed, 50-year-old Criss Knight was shot in his car on Duane Street. A security camera caught an image of a black pick-up that might have been getaway car.

We just need help to figure out who did this, if anyone knows please contact police as soon as you can so we can at least get something done about this, Bryan Knight, the victim s brother, said.

Ballistics tests show the bullets in both homicides came from the same weapon.

Everyday, everyday it s trying to get through, the hardest part is they are still out there, that s the hardest part, it s so unfair, Martinez said.

Both men were hardworking fathers. Knight was a plumber, and Martinez did maintenance work for Houston ISD. Now both their families deal with the same pain, caused by the same gun.

No one can possibly understand unless they ve been through it, Martinez said. I ask that you please, please help us with this and bring healing to our family.

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