HOUSTON-- The University of Houston withdrew an emergency alert about an armed man on campus Tuesday, explaining that it was just a person with a scanning device.

Shortly after noon the university released a text alert saying: UH emergency Alert Report of Asian Male with hand gun/white t-shirt/jeans/near Hoffman Hall/Agnes Arnold avoid area.

About 30 minutes later, the university canceled the alert and issued an 'all clear.' Someone had mistakenly thought a person carrying a scanning device, used to track inventory, was holding a gun.

Some students said they were frustrated by the information in the alert as it was initially released.

It sounded like there was an emergency, but they didn t really tell us what was going to happen, any instructions or anything like that. It was kind of up in the air, said Michelle Parish.

Morgan Killebrew, another student, agreed that the communication could have been better.

Anything could happen. They just told us he was here and they didn t say that they had got the guy, Killebrew said.

The campus was never placed on lockdown.

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