HOUSTON-- After more than 5,000 tweets and topping out at nearly 375,000 followers, it appears Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is ditching his Twitter account.

In a series of tweets early Monday morning, Foster said it was time for him to leave the digital realm.

Got about a week left on twitter, then I'm shutting her down, tweeted @ArianFoster. Made a decision at 3am.

It's been fun, twitter! Time for me to leave the digital realm. Be the light you want to see on the earth. Peace.

Some followers questioned why the star athlete was leaving the social network.

What was the straw that broke the camels [sic] back, for you to make that decision? responded @TheDukeCharles.

I'm kinda sad. Ive been following him for a while, said Texans fan Mikekory Simon. I actually enjoy his tweets. He's inspirational and not what an average football player would be.

About an hour prior to announcing his decision to leave Twitter,Foster seemed to suggest someone at theNational Football Leaguewas monitoring what he wrote.

When does the league start caring what we as players say publicly?

At what point does the 1st amendment interfere with the status quo of the politically correctness of our thoughts?

If Foster actually goes through with it, he'd be turning away from a Twitter account valued at around $60,000.

You'll remember last year the star announced he was going vegan, but admitted just a few months later he was occasionally eating chicken.Only time will tell if he's done with twitter.

KHOU11 Sports spoke with the Texans organization. A spokesman said the team has no control over what Arian Foster does or does not do on Twitter.

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