HOUSTON -- Teachers at Booker T. Washington High School said a recent fight involving adults who wandered onto the campus was just one of a number of incidents in which outsiders have gained access to the building.

They re in danger, said one of the teachers who asked not to be identified for fear of losing her job. I m afraid something is going to happen.

The teacher then described an incident she said took place in November when a man allegedly walked into the building and held a classroom filled with kids hostage for more than 10 minutes.

And the children were panicking, she said. The teacher assumed he had a weapon on him. He was acting very erratic.

She claimed the teacher had to pay the man money to get him to leave.

Then a month later she said a different man wandered onto campus and followed a girl into a restroom and he attempted to assault her.

She was able to fight him off and get away from him somehow, she said.

The teachers claimed both incidents were reported to the principal and campus police, but parents were never notified.

In a statement, an HISD spokesperson said the first incident involved a local resident known to the campus who was immediately escorted out by administrators and the campus police upon entering the school. The individual did not go into any classrooms. With respect to the second allegation, the administration is not aware of any attempted sexual assault of a student on campus.

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