HOUSTON - The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo may start with the animals, but that s far from the only option. New this year is The Cutest Show on Earth, where actors and spectators interact in an improvisational show.

Most of the time people come and they get to watch entertainment. We are all about making the audience into the entertainment, said Elisa Hays with Cutest Show on Earth. Hays is the CEO and founder of the Let s Pretend Entertainment, which runs program.

On Monday, the Humphreys were the stars of the first show like it or not.

I didn t expect that. They kind of grabbed us as we were walking by, but the kids were excited about it so I said what the heck, Doug Humphrey said.

I was strong, Tyler Humphrey, 3, said after he pretended to be a strong man with fake barbell.

If stage fright is a problem, children can try something more physical with the Pedal Tractor Pull.

A lot of the kids are couch potatoes and video game nerds and we are trying to get them to have fun exercising, said Ky Dobson, who runs the tractor pull.

It is all about fun for the family.

First of all it is free. The livestock show has picked up the tab so it is something to take it easy on the wallet, Dobson said. Even washing your hands is entertaining around here.

Like many folks, the crews of The Cutest Show on Earth and the Pedal Tractor Pull are not from around these parts, so coming to the rodeo is a commitment.

It is a very big commitment. I am gone from my family with the travel time down, five weeks, Hays said.

There is plenty of upside for the entertainers.

When I left on Wednesday morning I had about 2 inches of snow so it is not that hard of a commitment.

Both shows run daily this year at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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